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Our History:

  • 1952 Mary Neal begins operating a bible camp on Lake Duborne.

    • One week, 72 campers, no electricity or running water but cabins still represented luxury to those who had roughed it on St Joseph's Island.

  • 1955 Two "junior" weeks and one "senior" week. Cost was $9 to $10 for an eight day session.

  • 1957 First "youth" camp held. It was attended by Howard McLeod who later became Galilean's first full time director in 1976.

  • 1959 Galilean got its name. Rev. Malcolm Barr, Pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church suggested the name after a trip to the Sea of Galilee, saying he saw a resemblance between the two bodies of water. Thanksgiving tradition of a youth reunion got its start.

  • 1970 Margaret Thompson deeded the property to the CSSM.

  • 1971 First board of directors was formed. Members were Allan McDougall, Vaughn Giggie, Roger Scott and Howard McLeod.

  • 1972 Buildings (storage and washrooms) and 158 acres of land were added to the property.

  • 1973 Sod was turned for the "Lodge", the most impressive 120 by 40 foot two storey building was completed in 1976 at a cost of $95,000 making year round events possible.

  • 1976 Howard McLeod became the first full time director enabling year round programming. First ladies retreat was in October with Shirley Stewart as leader.

  • 1979 Mary Neal Memorial Centre (Neal died in 1977) was built, which housed a bookstore, tuck shop and living accommodations for the camp director. A kitchen and dining room addition were built and a 10th camper cabin was added.

  • 1983 Eight camper sessions accommodating up to 645 campers at a cost of from $52 to $64 per week were being held. "The camp had grown and changed but not the message."

  • 1986 35th anniversary celebration. Margaret Thompson went home to be with the Lord and memorial contributions were set aside for a new summer chapel/gym.

  • 1987 Addition of kitchen and dining hall to Lodge.

  • 1995 Opening of Thompson Memorial Centre, a chapel that does double duty as a gymnasium.

  • 2002 Celebration of Galilean's 50th anniversary on May 18. 2007 The beginning of Family Camp at GBC, the last week of July.

  • 2017 was our 65th Anniversary

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