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Come Serve

Come Serve:

All seasonal summer missionaries at GBC are volunteers, giving their time to serve the Lord in various areas of camp ministry.  Teens as young as 15 up to those who are in their golden years are welcome to apply. These are some of the positions which need to be filled each week:  cabin leaders, lifeguards, kitchen prep, dish pit, housekeeping (lodge only), laundry, service team, and maintenance (painting, cleaning, lawn mowing, garbage collection, building projects, etc).  Contact the camp to find out what positions are still available.

Application Process:

Different positions require specific applications to be filled out! Please ensure you only fill out the application necessary for the position you are applying to.  If you are unsure of which application to complete please call our office at (705) 356-7961.

  • All volunteers under 18 years old

  • All FIRST TIME volunteers 18-24 years old

  • All RETURNING volunteers 18-24 years old

  • All FIRST TIME 25 years old +

  • All RETURNING 25 year old +


Click here to fill out our online application forms:

Additional Details:

  • Applications submitted to the camp by May 1 will take priority over those received later.

  • Applicants must be at least 16 years of age. (Applicants who are 15 may apply for the Service Team/Support staff only. Details below.)

  • Important Note: Anyone 18-24 years must have a Criminal Record Check (no older than 3 years) on file at the camp prior to working on staff.  Anyone 25 years and older must have a Vulnerable Sector Check (no older than 3 years) on file at the camp prior to working on staff. If you do not have the required police check, you must obtain one from your local police department and forward it to the camp. Some areas may take up to 6 weeks to process!

  • First time applicants need 3 references completed.

  • Returning applicants need 2 reference completed.

  • References and police checks should be mailed or emailed to the camp after you submit your application. You will not receive acceptance papers until we have a valid police check for you on file.

Financial Assistance:

The Summer Missionary Assistance Program (SMAP) is available for anyone who is 16 years or older and is volunteering for 4 weeks or more.  This program allows Summer Missionaries to receive donations from friends, family, churches, etc as financial support for their time spent serving. Donations can be made to specific summer missionaries and the gifts given toward this program qualify for a tax-deductible gift to the donor.  The SMAP application will be given to the Summer Missionary once they have been accepted to serve.

For more info call (705) 356-7961.

Service Team/Support Staff:

Come experience what practical service is in camp ministry.  The service team is for 15 year olds. This is an opportunity to be a part of the team under the direction of a Full Time Missionaries performing tasks such as:

  • serving tuck

  • babysitting

  • decorating

  • setting up chairs

  • assisting with luggage on registration day

  • helping with program set up such as:

    • collecting materials

    • hiding items for games

    • making signs, etc...

  • helping in the kitchen 

  • janitorial and maintenance

You must be 15 years old or have completed Grade 9 by July 1.  You must attend Summer Missionary Orientation to learn about GBC's policies and procedures

Come Serve!

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