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Summer 2022

At this time we plan to go ahead with running full camps on our main site. The summer 2022 dates can be found under the "summer camps" tab. We will operate in accordance with the COVID-19 Safety Guidelines for: Camps document. Further information on the summer COVID-19 restrictions will be provided at a later date as we wait to see what the Ministry of Health will require.


Thank you for praying for our team of faithful volunteers and the year round missionaries who continue to serve at camp. We appreciate your support!


I have already registered, will I get a refund if camp is cancelled?

 If you have already registered you will be able to get a full refund for your registration payment.  If you should chose to do so you can redirect your registration payment as a charitable donation towards the camp.  

How can I help?

Please continue to pray for Galilean. If you feel lead to make a donation you can do so online, or by mail. 

Is there anything online for campers? 

Yes! Galilean has created an online camp show called "GBC TV"! There are currently 5 summer episodes and 1 winter episode. You can check out GBC TV on our YouTube channel "GBC Online".

What is the best way to get in contact with Galilean?

The best way to contact camp is by email at Some of our staff are working remotely and are unable to answer the office phone at this time.

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